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C Level Advanced Sales

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Consultative Executive Centric Services Selling

    FOR: Executive Level Consultative Sales Personnel. Includes:

            A customized review and summary of many of the Professional Sales Training Seminar concepts as a Follow On to that popular Seminar.

            Live simulated C-Level sales calls.

            Cam-corded REAL Sales Call Laboratory.

            Extensive Call Strategy Review and Evaluation

   Also for New and Experienced Sales professionals, who should or must sell to C-Level Execs in an organization.

        When the nature or magnitude of their product and/or service offering's benefits, requires these specialized Consultative and Relationship Building Skills.

         Particularly useful for Technology Industry product sales people developing Managed Services and/or Application Sales strategies instead of "box pushing" of hardware and software.

  Also, useful for Services Sales People who are trapped in the lower staff levels at their customers, instead of the decision-making upper levels.

        Particularly useful for IT Services Sales People, who need to educate and inform customer executives on their new business model and services offerings.

  The concepts and Skill Sets of this Advanced Seminar are applicable to a wide variety of other consultative sales professions:

            General Business Consulting, Professional Advisors, Financial Products and Services, and Outsourced Services Consultants, among many others.

  DELTA MAX....Unique and above all other Sales Training Seminars.  When you want the BEST Value and Training and at competitive price point.







    Why is Top Executive Centric Selling Vital to a Technology Company?

    End-User Departments in most organizations have complex and varied business and organizational needs, not technology challenges and issues.

        The staff functions of the company, often including the IT department, cannot approach these successfully in a piecemeal or technical infrastructure fashion.

        What is needed is a different, and more integrated solution approach, in which the Sales person consults with the Top Executives, CEO and/or President.

        Instead of selling, the Sales Rep works to determine the specific needs and performs or engages an Assessment of the identified organizational Issues.

         And your Sales Process becomes "Customer Centric" and Advisor driven, instead of "Feature of the Week" driven, as is the case usually today.



  Why is Top Executive Centric Selling Vital to a Services Company?

    Services Offerings are Experience-driven, outside acquisitions, not tangible product Features-driven.

        The Lower Levels of a customer are oriented towards static comparisons of Price, Knowledge and Skill Transferals claims

        The Upper levels are where the Value of the Service Delivered, and its Applicability to the client's Business Needs are the most important factors.

        Far more important than the Price charged for the Service, is the perceived Value of the Service provided.

        Instead of selling, the Customer Centric Sales Rep seeks to identify the problems and challenges which your services address.

        And relates the Value of the Service you provide, to the resolution of those problems and challenges.

            IF they know how to do both of the above.

        At the top levels, the Price of your Service Offering is far less important than its Value to your client.

            IF your company's Sales Representative can identify those problems and propose your services as Solutions.

        That's where DELTA MAX can help you.


    IT Services Executive Centric Selling Seminars

   IT Services Include Assessments of Technology, Infrastructure, Compliance, Storage, Cloud Services, Mobile and a host of other new Services offered by the most progressive Solutions Providers.

        These Services involve and address Business Concerns, not Technical concerns.

        The DELTA MAX Services Sales Seminars emphasize:

            Presenting IT Services via Value Propositions to top Executives, not by just regurgitating Vendor technical bytes and bandwidth, etc.

            Practicing sales techniques via live situational Role sales calls, not canned "typical" situations

            Learning and implementing the very different steps in the Services Sales Process

            Learning how to identify and address customer business problems with Services Solutions

            Do's and Don'ts for technical sales people who need to transit from Box Pushing


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A Few Comments on Sales Training Value

        DELTA MAX Seminars offer these key Value Elements:

    Our Customer Centric Selling Seminars have been in very strong demand in recent years. 

        Some of the sales resulting from the techniques and concepts taught in this Seminar have become the stuff of legends among sales professionals.

        Sales people which could never penetrate top accounts before have often reported instantaneous success in generating high-volume, high-margin deals after attending this Seminar.  

    Don't wait to find out more - act now. The facts will never be clearer in your mind than right now.

     Contact us and let's discuss your Sales Training Issues and Challenges.

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Current Schedule Status

     If you'd like to investigate whether this or our other Seminar Programs may be beneficial to your sales force:

        Contact us at DELTA MAX for a confidential, no cost consultation on your particular situation and needs.

            Our programs require advance planning and discussions in order for us to deliver the highest quality Seminar experience for you.

            Our videotaping/camcording Laboratory Option needs some time by itself for the research on the calls you wish to make.

            Many of our clients tell us that seeing their salespeople in live action situations, THEIR customer situations, is worth the cost of the Seminar alone.








Our Unique Professionality and Quality

       DELTA MAX will not conduct a Sales Seminar or any other activity on a less than Professionally rigorous and demanding basis.

            We don't present previously canned generic material and other stuff to you, we customize EACH Seminar and its materials EXACTLY to your sales issues and challenges.

            Just like we train YOUR sales folks to do.

        So, if you absolutely HAVE to hold your Seminar in the next two weeks, or just want to "train 'em", we will have no choice but to Pass, regretfully.

            We will, of course, recommend the next best alternative for you, and help you contact them.

            They will be a good and capable, but, they will not be DELTA MAX.

            And, we will wish you the best of luck with your Seminar, very sincerely.

            Our focus is on solving your Problems, Issues, and Challenges, in whatever way works best for you.

       If, on the other hand, you REALLY want a Sales Training Program which zeroes in on your challenges and issues, call us and let's discuss your challenges and issues.

       Together, we will work to produce not just a good training seminar, but an outstanding and lasting selling experience and laboratory.

       There is NO SUBSTITUTE for working with the BEST, when it comes to assisting Revenue generation...  

       Please Contact us now, as these programs are all very popular and 2009 time slots are beginning to fill up now..











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Revised: November 25, 2013.


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