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A typical large company or GEM organization employee has sign on privileges to an average of 27 computer applications.

        They sign on to these apps, with privileges and full or partial access, every day.

    Provisioning/De-Provisioning thousands of employees is a tremendous and time-consuming process for IT Staff.

        Many IT staffs spend 50% or more of their time, and the organization's money, in password changing and related tasks.

        Costing the company or organization hundreds of thousands of $ each year. Or more.

    Unnecessarily, this is a patchwork network security quilt built over a long time, app by app.


    But this cost can be reduced, quickly and effectively.


        Without major expenditures...or IT angst and paranoia.

        With more overall company productivity...and IT efficiency.

         At lower cost, and increased safety.

        In full compliance with all the external regulations and rules.


    In this business Seminar, all of the above issues and considerations are examined.

           A comprehensive business strategy is described, using the most modern approaches to optimization.

            Advantages, disadvantages, costs and project timelines are discussed and evaluated.

            A Business Game and Action Plan for your company's computer security and planning is presented.

    Result? Your company can get on the high road to large savings, and increased profitability.       


       DELTA MAX also performs Network ID Management and Security Assessments, in which we analyze your Organization's Security Strategy and provide a Strategic Plan for remedying your issues and concerns.

        DELTA MAX does not represent any vendor, hardware, software or service. Only the best and most relevant Services and Products are recommended, as appropriate.

    Please Contact Us if you would like to take advantage of this Seminar presentation to your staff or executives or executive user group.


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