CRM Assessment & Design Services



 DELTA MAX has combined its network expertise and business applications and experience in providing top executive-driven technology plans, into a comprehensive CRM analysis, design, and implementation Service.

    Our CRM Site Services cover your entire effort, from Analysis, Conception, through Design, Project Management, Rollout, including Security and Call Center implementation and monitoring:

   Business/Organization Needs Assessment Analysis

   Customer Centric Channel Design and Metrics



   CRM Project Management and Implementation

   Security via Network Identity Management and Forensics

    Click On any of the above for more information. DELTA MAX invites your inquiry as to our CRM Site Services.

     Contact Us for a free discussion of your situation without obligation.



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    Customer Centric Channel Design and Metrics Services

    Once we together have determined your Customer Centric Strategy, we can design your Site to implement that strategy.

     We include:

        It is not enough to create working data process flows;

        These must also be integrated into your business or organization decision making flows.



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    Project Management and Implementation Services


   After you approve the design, DELTA MAX, or other external company of your choice, your internal staff, or a combination of all of these, can implement the Web Site.

    The Project Plan we supply will contain the firm underpinnings of a solid overall Distribution Strategy.

    Your Implementation Team will be able to directly and easily perform all the myriad details of implementing any hardware, software, and services which will be required. 

        We often also serve as Project Managers for the Implementation stage of your CRM initiative.

        We can work with your implementation vendor and provide a valuable conduit.

    Business Needs Assessment Analysis and the deployment of the recommended solution actions, steps, processes, products and services components must work together well.

    The resulting integration of a good Plan, a good Team, and your involved Management interest and support leads to:

        Generation of a strong and functionally capable Site, as well as

        Excellent metrics capture, and

        Superior results for your business or organization.


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   DELTA MAX invites your Inquiry as to our CRM Services.

        Please Contact Us for a free discussion of your situation without obligation.

            The first and most important step is that we begin to understand your challenges and issues as YOU see them.

            Then we can work, for you and as you, effectively.

        Together we can develop a CRM Strategy for your business or organization which meets all of your objectives in a cost-effective manner.









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