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      CRM and E-Commerce are two hot and controversial topics in the business world today.

        Computer companies are spending millions of dollars developing CRM packages, with mixed results reported.

        E-Commerce, that is, business using the Internet as Intermediary, is at record levels, yet results vary widely.

        For an SMB business, the choice of doing an E-Commerce or CRM initiative is far from an easy one.


    The questions being asked by Top Executives include:


   DELTA MAX has a half day Seminar program suitable for Top Executives which provides answers to the above.

    This Seminar has proven to be so popular that its current schedule lead time is 45 days.

    As with all DELTA MAX Seminars, it is custome designed to address the client's requirements, not an off the self module presentation.

    Please Contact Us for further information on this exciting and extremely popular Presentation.









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