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   DELTA MAX has long observed that the IT Solution Provider/Reseller world in general continues to ignore an serious objective reality:

        Just pushing boxes against low-level technical specs presented to the vendor community by an IT staff is no longer going to work.

            Success comes from providing business solution-based products and services, not just technical infrastructure revisions.

        Customer/client top executives want answers to business problems, not technical problems, the latter of which they will leave to the IT staff.

            Those who would be the most profitable "Solution Providers" must meet the needs of the top executives, not the IT staff.


    The BIG SALES, with BIG PROFITS, come from top executive driven initiatives, oriented to their business issues.

        To sell to the customer/client Top Executives, a "Solution Provider" must have trained, top-executive-oriented Sales People.

            Those who ignore this Reality are doomed largely to low volume, low margin sales potentials in the predictable future.

        "Managed Services" are NOT the key to the top executive's business objectives and interests.


    OK, so what should those Solution Providers do to rectify this disconnect from Reality?

        Delta Max' President Robert Swanson addresses this issue in depth and with strong, positive, workable steps in this Process.

            His succinct presentation has moved many executives to change their entire marketing approach, invariably with great success.

        He is often quoted in industry publications; his presentations have had a profound impact on IT Channel companies; solution providers and vendors alike.


    Many Solution providers have trained - and continued to train - their sales forces by  DELTA MAX to sell to the top of their client/customer's business.

    Using the approach and concepts of CEO Centric Selling at the Top, some have changed their entire business models, increasing their sales and profits even further.

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