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    A Faster, Lower Cost, High Quality Personnel Search Service                                   


        DELTA MAX has formally expanded its Sales, Technical and Management Personnel Search Services to its engagements list performed for top executives.

          The service is primarily for Management and Technical personnel, but, other organization needs will also be accommodated on a per situation basis.

          "Executives are paying too much and finding low candidate quality by using the usual placement and search services," said Delta Max , President of DELTA MAX.

           "We have been offering a more selective process at a lower price point, using a better screening evaluation process than typical executive search firms have provided." 

    For Key Benefits From Engaging Delta Max in a Professional Executive Search, Click Below:

        "Fakers" are eliminated before you have to waste time to Interview them

           Qualified Candidates are available sooner for Interview

           Your Cost will very likely be MUCH lower than with Search Firms


           Our Computer and Entertainment Industry Knowledge is put to work for YOU

         Next Step: Discuss Your Position Assessment With DELTA MAX.



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Our Experience will likely sort out the "Fakers"

    DELTA MAX has been involved in the Computer and Entertainment arenas for over 40 years.

    Our consultants are conversant at the highest technical levels.

        Your candidates will have to prove their knowledge to pass our screens.

    Similarly, with Management candidates, our experience is a strong assurance

        Candidates without the prerequisite experience and accomplishments will be unable to fake their way into an interview with you.

    You can interview each supplied candidate and concentrate on your needs and their fit within your business culture.

        Result: Your new people will be able to demonstrate and use their knowledge for your business needs.

        Benefit: Your organization will be able to improve its capabilities quickly and productively.





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Candidate Acquisition Speed

    Not only better candidates may become available to you through this service.

    They may well become available sooner.


    We interview you and your appropriate manager thoroughly to understand exactly:

        What skills and capabilities you are seeking,

        What business Assessment need to be addressed, and

        What your organizational culture is.

    This process tends to narrow the search candidates dramatically.

        And allows us to present high-quality candidates to you more quickly than other firms.

    Further, they are more likely to be very good fits for your organizational culture.

        Thus, the hiring process is shorter, plus

        The chance of candidate approval higher, at the same time.

    This speed is money in the bank for you, in managerial time not wasted.



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The Cost to you can be Substantially lower

    We offer this professional service:

        At a fixed fee of less than search firms, or

        On a variable time basis by  which you can save substantially if the search executes quickly.

    This translates normally to approximately 50-75% of the cost of a typical search firm.

    If we have to advertise:

        You pay for the ads,

        You approve the ads in advance.







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We know the Computer and Talent Marketplaces, and many of the People personally

    In our computer services, we continually come across technicians and executives who will someday be candidates to move.   

        We do not, under any circumstances, solicit from our customers.

        We do often get contacted at a future time by quality personnel now in a different position, and no longer our customer.

    As film/video producers, we know many talented actors, actresses, writers and directors.

        We can help you fill your project with the best, with talented newcomers, with character and skill sets.

    We are not agents, but we work with agents weekly, in our own projects and productions.

        We know these people personally, and have worked side-by-side with them, something no executive search firm can ever do.

        So, we often can certify, by our own experience, the quality of the person.

    Our reputation rides with that person, so we are quite objective,

        Which is again, far different than an executive search firm.

    So, we are very careful to recommend only the best and the brightest and the most talented.



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Discuss your Position Assessment with us

    Whatever your need for personnel, Contact Us here or below and a company executive will get back to you immediately.

    Maybe we can help you hire the best person (s) available, and at lower cost than you might think.


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Revised: November 11, 2013.

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