Feature Film Projects


What if Synthetic Humans were created for space travel and exploitation when it became too dangerous for Humans?

What if they had feelings?

Would they have civil rights, too?

High Concept Sci-Fi



Delta Max Feature Film Projects include our trademark Sci-Fi and Comedies, plus several new Action Adventures current tuned to today's cultural and political environments.



Delta Max PRODUCTIONS owns the rights to all the screenplays listed on the left, and these screenplays are available for further development or co-production. 


     All rights to these film projects are available, in all territories.

     These projects are all original works, and are professionally written.

     Budgets range from 10 M$ to Studio picture levels comparable in the business today.

     Some have stars and other elements attached. 


Delta Max PRODUCTIONS will accept professional contacts with reasonable proposals from known entertainment industry entities only.


We can work with studios, equity or loan financiers, distributors, and other production companies with the proper credentials and expertise to  develop these fine projects into fine pictures.

     Our pictures are usually conceptually leading-edge.

     They deal with the timeless issues of our time, in new and daring, exciting ways.

     We have other film projects with great potential as well, and are acquiring new ones all the time.

     If you are a writer with a great project, we'd love to hear from you.

     Submit your project with a lawyer's or agent's release form.

Please Contact us here or below to discuss your interest and possible involvement with our Features.

     We will consider any genre material for possible production, IF it is GOOD.

Our favorites are something like KLONE but we will do a Relationship picture, too, IF it is GOOD:




Look Before you Die

Laura is a beautiful and talented grade school teacher, whose scientist father was murdered to get his new invention, a tool for great good or evil.

She is running for her life from both the good guys and the bad guys, and falling in love with one of each.

Her dad's new invention might be able to help her save herself, and the civilized world.

Now, if only she could figure out how to use it...

Action Adventure


4 retired ex-USAF pilots run their own airline, flying simulated attacks on the USA, for fun and profit.

One day, their worst enemy's wife and daughter falls into the hands of the bad guys.

Guess who has to go rescue them? Or, else, lose their business?    

And maybe their lives ...

Action Adventure







2 guys and their dogs run a Process Server business in Newport Beach.

One day, they have to repossess a Ferrari with  a babe driving it, but what she doesn't know could kill her.

And them.


Father Figure

A high-powered industrialist's daughter has lots of problems:

Her college gf roommate gets pregnant, but, does not want an abortion

Or, want the child to go to the kid's father.

Her own dad is too busy selling military graphics satellite technology to the bad guys, and falling in love with her college gf roommate.

What's a girl to do?




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