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    Background of Financial Modeling

    CEO’s and Presidents usually have a lot on their plates in terms of numbers of projects and directions to pursue in their companies.

        ANY technical product or service proposal should be easy for the Top Execs to compare and analyze vis a vis the many other funding options they have.

        This is true regardless of whether it is an internal project proposal or an external sales proposal.

        Yet, most technical product companies insist on presenting their proposals in a rigid, feature-driven fashion, replete with technological buzz words and specs.

        They should be using an executive friendly presentation tool, such as Financial Modeling, to communicate the advantages of their proposed business problem solutions.

    Most internal executives present projects as number filled, boring, and dry slides, which hide the key decision aspects, points, and issues.

    IT Managers, today are falling behind in their professions because they do not know Financial Planning basics. (See the article below for more on this.)


    Financial Modeling offers the pro sales person the opportunity to discuss complex business issues and technological alternatives in one easy to understand format.    

        Using their customer's internal formats to make their project decisions, the pro technology sales person can move the Sales Situation Forward

    Financial Modeling also provides an organizational project manager a dynamic, living, tool for describing and managing effectively internal Projects.  

    Likewise, the pro internal manager can display and control multiple simultaneous projects, even if the projects are completely separate.

        In short, financial modeling is an extremely powerful communication tool and skill.



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    What Are Financial Models?

    Financial Models are technically known as “Pro Forma Income, Balance Sheet and Funds Flows Statements.

        They are Descriptions of the Outcomes of a business or project’s performance over a period of time.

        Usually 1-5 years, given assumptions and existing business operations relationships and calculations.

    They provide a Predicted Outcome Scenario Set, based on the projected effects of management decisions and business operations and results.

    Financial Models are used by all Fortune 1000 companies, Federal, State and Local Governments, and most other organizations.

         As a planning tool and results simulation technology, especially with today's Business Intelligence and Analytics methodologies.

         As a communications tool with common language and rules, easy for anyone to understand.

    Any CEO or CFO in any organization is using and/or has used some form of Financial Modeling in the past.

    Any person wishing to communicate effectively with a CEO or CFO will benefit from the discipline and use of Financial Modeling.







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Why Are They Powerful Sales and Internal Communications Tools

Financial Models have an outstanding ability to:

        Communicate a message, as well as

        Compare alternatives and benefits.

    Better yet, when interactive, they are synergistic between technology solution provider and customer/client executive,

        The solution is developed by inputs and adjustments from both the users and the providers, in real time.

    Finally, they graphically portray the true test of a complex equipment/services proposal or project:


    There is no other single business tool as useful in communication and presentation as a Financial Model.

    And, when combined with a Project Model, they become a complete and powerful Management monitoring and communication tool set.




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    Why Don’t Most High Tech Sales People Use Them?

    That’s easy! They don’t know how to:

            Develop them,

            Modify them, or

            Use them to sell.

    Worse, up until recently there has been no easy way to solve even the first problem above:

        Most financial modeling expertise is taught in MBA courses, way into the curriculum.

        And, what is taught to MBA’s is NOT taught from a sales perspective, but from a financial executive’s prospective.

    MBA courses preach Analysis, not Persuasion and Decision Making.

        Until now.

    The DELTA MAX Financial Modeling Seminar opens up entirely new and powerful communications strategies and tools.




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    Why Don't Most Professional Line and Staff Managers Use Them?

    That’s also easy: they don’t know how, either.

    Either to:

        Develop them,

        Monitor their usage, or

        Use them to persuade.

    Also worse, almost every internal project could and should be described in terms of its financial effects.

    But, if your managers have MBA's, they likely already know how to model.

        Maybe all they need is the interest of top executives to begin using this powerful analysis tool.

    A good seminar on Financial Modeling can:

        Refresh skills and spark interest in your managers in modeling,

        Provide a consistent communication tool and framework, and

        Develop in your managers a pervasive emphasis on the financial characteristics and performance of the organization.



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    DELTA MAX Financial Modeling Seminar For Sales Professionals

    This Seminar provides the Sales professional, with the background, tools, expertise and practice for:

        Generating and presenting Sales Proposals using Financial Models, and

        Guiding the sales pro through the process of generating high-powered persuasive Sales Scenario Perspectives. 

    It provides the Professional line or staff manager with a powerful tool and skill set for:

        Improved communications, and

        More concise and consistent internal project evaluation and management.

        Encouraging "What If?" analysis and resource optimization alternatives, plus

        Providing a common project comparison tool for top Execs with multiple projects to consider and fund.

    The Seminar is available either as:

        A separate stand-alone Seminar, or

        As an adjunct training module to the DELTA MAX' popular “Customer Centric Selling” Seminar Series",

        In combination with the DELTA MAX' “Preparing and Presenting Great Proposals” Seminar, or

        In combination with the DELTA MAX' "Project Modeling" Seminar Series.


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    The Benefits of DELTA MAX Financial Modeling Seminars

    After attending this Seminar, the Professional Sales Person will find that:

        Your financial modeling understanding and skills will be useful in virtually every sales situa



        You will have a new idea and approach to present to all of your customers or clients, in a new way.

        You will have the comments and support of an audience and instructor who have seen you in action. And,

        You will have your own presentation on a videotape, which you can review again and again to further improve your skills.

            In short, you will have acquired a skill which will help you generate more sales and profits.

    After attending this Seminar, the Professional Manager will find that:

        Your financial modeling understanding and skills will be enhanced in virtually every project situation.

        You will have a new way to show and manage projects for increased internal effect and comprehension.

        Your management skills will increase and your personal efficiency will reach new heights.

        Your past financial modeling knowledge will be refreshed and reinvigorated.

    In short, you will have acquired a skill which will help you manage better and communicate faster and more effectively!

        This Seminar completes the education and training of a great technology product and/or services sales representative.

        It provides the Professional Manager with a graduate level tool for improved communication and project monitoring.


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    Seminar Configurations and Options

        Unlike most commercial Education and Instruction, DELTA MAX Seminars can be customized directly to your organization's Financials as a part of the services we provide.

        Customization of YOUR Seminar, includes:

            Designing Financial Models particular to your Industry, as applicable

            If you are a Sales Organization, emphasis on using Financial Models actively in YOUR Sales Process and Activities

        Options include:

            Using "live" Financial Models of YOUR organization in our training exercises

            Videotaping of YOUR attendees presenting Financial Models for Management Review

        In short, YOU participate in the Design and Module Selection of YOUR Seminar, a unique  Seminar Feature.

    Contact DELTA MAX today if this interests you, and be ready to get excited on using this powerful software technology in YOUR organization!


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