GREAT Presentations Seminars




    Great Presentations have an outstanding ability to:

                Communicate a message,


                Motivate, and

                Cause behavioral change in the audience.

    A great presentation results in an excellent experience for the audience.

    But, they don’t happen by chance.


    Most, if not practically all, presentations normally created in business situations, such as:

·                     Sales Programs, Meetings, and Proposals

·                     Marketing and Accounting status and data rich Presentations

·                     Executive Presentations both to and from Top Executives

·                     Training Presentations involving procedures and drills

·                     Policy explanations and rationales

·                     Group Meetings with summary data

·                     Motivational Meetings

·                     Most other business presentations,

              … are often dry, boring, too long, sloppy, and de-motivating.


 This Seminar provides the "Potential Presenter", and that is all of us at one time or another, with guidelines and examples of Great Presentations.

 Using Before and After examples in preparation, it guides the presenter through the process of generating outstanding slide and video shows.

 Very useful to sales people, obviously, but, also to anyone who ever looked at a blank PowerPoint slide on the screen, and mused: “What am I going to do now?”

 After attending this Seminar, you will find your presentations and skills will have increased by an order of magnitude, even if you are presently pretty good.

You will have received:

    A raft of new ideas and schema to approach any presentation you will be giving,

    Practice at developing and presenting a presentation using professional techniques, strategies, and tools,

    The helpful comments and support of an audience and instructor who have seen you in action,

    A Workbook full of useful Templates and Profilers which will help you not only make good presentations, but GREAT ones, and,

    Your own presentation on a DVD or VHS Videotape which you can review again and again to further improve your skills.  

    This latter feature of our Seminars alone is worth the price of the Seminar for most professionals.

Further, that price is about what you'd pay to learn the basics of Word or Excel.

Regardless of what you do in business or organizations or institutions, Communication is the means by which you work with and influence others.

And, Presentations with powerful Communications factors can help you tell your story or idea or issue or concern or program very effectively.


Contact DELTA MAX to discover how your company and its people can benefit from a custom-designed Great Presentations Seminar at your facility.

    You'll be delighted when you see the immediate improvement in communications of your employee attendees, and at the reasonable cost involved.





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