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    Sales and Sales Management Training Seminars are an important service which Delta Max has provided to the Business Community for over 2 decades.

    These Seminars have trained over 1500 top executive sales people in the unique and sometimes arcane techniques and talent development necessary for:

    We have trained many Sales Executives and Top Executives in these group seminars, and our results and ratings have been spectacular.

    DELTA MAX has also been increasingly engaged to help individual Sales people and Sales Executives improve personal sales and sales management skills.

    We have now created several formal programs which are done on a one on one basis, and these have been very successful and well received.

        These programs are not offered as scheduled classes but instead contracted on a personal or situational need basis.

        DELTA MAX travels to your facility or appropriate other venue and conducts the training over a period of time.

        These sessions involve Intensive interactive sales laboratory opportunities,

        The top executive who wishes to improve his/her skills sets to do so in depth and in private.

        These individual Coaching Engagements are designed and developed to work on specific skills and capabilities.

    Determined by a pre-Engagement Review, a Custom Program will be created to accomplish specific Goals and Objectives.


    Each Coaching Engagement varies by the person and the desired Coaching Objectives. Programs often are developed involving the following activities:

    The results of this fine tuning and amplification of talents are:


    Please Contact Us if you or one of your people could benefit from an expansion of his/her skills in these areas.

         We will discuss the situation confidentially.

    If we can help, together we can design a personal, reasonably priced program for you, not some canned package.

    This program can enhance our folks' skills, morale, and usefulness to you and your company. 

        We also develop custom programs for needs not shown above, and are adding to those shown above on a regular basis.

    So check back in a few weeks if something you need is not shown.    







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