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    DELTA MAX is often asked to perform Personnel Searches for our customers.

    We operate somewhat differently than an Executive Search firm such as you may have used before.

        First, DELTA MAX does not maintain the large files of a fully-configured Executive Search Firm.

        We are normally much more active in certain industries (particularly the Computer and Entertainment Industries).

        Within these industries, we know many more line professionals personally, than do most if not all of the search firms.


    Our evaluation and validation process saves you substantial time and company resources.

        Plus, the search is conducted by experts in the fields you are seeking.

    All that is left to determine is the chemistry between you and the candidate.

    Plus, your own best assessment of how well they will or will not fit in with your own unique corporate culture.


   Our charge to do this is normally in the range of only 50% to 75% of a typical search firm. 

       The quality of candidate ultimately presented to you, we believe, will far exceed the average of the search firm's.

   DELTA MAX normally can meet your HR department's practices on when our fees are earned.

       We consider our relationship with you to be a long term one, and behave accordingly.

   Our approach can allow you to hire 50% to 100% more employees for the same cost, and better qualified employees as well.

    Contact Us for more information, and be ready to discuss your own unique sales training situation and challenges.



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