"Phantastic Physics!"


"REAL ... Compared to What?"

    These concepts form the essence of much of modern scientific knowledge...and controversy.  Yet, they remain, at best, only distantly accessible to most people today:

    In this dazzling new Seminar, each concept is touched on very briefly, then the audience chooses which ones to explore in  more depth ...

        You'll never want it to end !

    If you don't know what these concepts are, you're missing a world of fun and amazement whether you're 12 or 72 ...

    Come along with Delta Max as he explores and navigates you through entirely new and amazing worlds!

        This Seminar uses advanced CGI presentations and animations for your further enjoyment.

    In this Seminar, you can choose to know:

  This popular 1 hour Seminar touches the edges of many of today's scientific truths in a fashion and manner which makes Modern Science truly fun!

        NOT just a bunch of dreary math and arcane symbols!

    In fact, everything is conceptually presented, with graphics and animated illustrations to promote your understanding.

        And, all topics use such simple conceptual images as a cat in a box ... or a light shining on some mirrors ... or some simple triangles ...

    Never took Physics in college? No problem, and in fact, often an advantage in your grasping these new and wondrous discoveries!

        And, should you wish, you can attend again and again, and pick up new topics and knowledge at each time!

    If you ever wanted to get a fast and fun crash course on the basic essence of EVERYTHING, this seminar is right up your alley!


    Suitable for adults of all ages, from high school on up, this Seminar shows how today's Science is Converging on the Nature of Meaning.

        Yet, at the same time, the more we know, the more that we realize that we don't know very much now, and may never know it all.

    How the deeper we go into a scientific discipline, the more amazing the Universe is at all levels of understanding and belief.

        How our own observations of the "World Around Us", are simply approximations of Reality and convenient Rules of Thumb.

    Why many of today's scientists are gradually becoming more optimistic and religious, and less pessimistic and agnostic...

    ... and many more incredible facts which technically are just new Science concepts, but actually are just lots of fun!

    BTW, there is no religious content or dogma of ANY kind in this Seminar. None. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero. Zed. It is pure Science only.

        Whatever your belief system is, or isn't, you will find this Seminar useful in understanding our world today in a way you have never seen it before!

    Your choice is the same as Neo's in "The Matrix":  You can either take the red pill or the blue pill. Which one do you want?

        Whatever, once you choose, you can't go back ...

   Please Contact Us if you are interested in hearing more about this exciting Seminar and having it presented to your audience.

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computer simulation of multiverse
H^2 = \frac{8 \pi G}{3} \rho - \frac{kc^2}{a^2}

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