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Film Revenue Predictor

                           Estimating Feature Film Revenue by Markets has always been a tedious, inaccurate task.. until now.
























    Once a feature film is completed and released, the results from the first week come in.

   Most production and studio companies find that they need an accurate means of predicting what the film revenue generation will likely be,

   In both the initial theatrical and important auxiliary markets.

   Even the most advanced film production companies today usually only have "home-grown", if any, tools   

            Private Investors & Major Studios alike need to know how and where returns will be generated.

    Even before completion, the accurate prediction of film theatrical box office and world-wide Breakeven is useful in negotiating deal strategies, terms and conditions.

    Until now, no automated tool was available which:

    Simultaneously included both the experience of recent knowledge of probable marketplace responses, and

    The ability to incorporate changing or unique variables particular to each film genre and release pattern.



        Film Revenue Predictor is a scenario generator for


            Motion picture producers,

            Production companies,

            Studios, and

            Independent distributors,

                    who require an accurate and realistic forecast of a film project's revenues by market.


    Using minimal information, Predictor provides likely scenarios for Revenue, Profit and Loss, for a given project (s).

        Estimated  Project Profit and Loss by Project, Investors/Studio, Exhibitors, and Talent are displayed in a summary model.

    This allows almost any combination of deal terms to be incorporated easily.

    Predictor allows for the easy insertion of ancillary market dynamic factors as they vary over time, allowing for future update and always-current applicability.

        The example Scenario Summary for All Markets shown above is only one of the many charts output by Predictor, and shown here only for Worst Case Analysis.

        A complete Profit & Loss Summary with market revenues predicted for each scenario is also generated, which is highly useful for What If? Analysis.

        Written in Excel and Visual Basic, Predictor is easily incorporated into most other ODBC-compliant software.

        It also functions very well as a stand alone tool, always ready to incorporate dynamic changes into your revenue planning.

        Outputs are easy to read and graphically-oriented.


    Key Benefits of Predictor



    By using Predictor, a studio marketing or top executive can thoroughly examine many choices and release decision strategies.

        The optimal ones can be picked for most effective film deployment patterns and highest film rental return patterns.

                Can it tell you if a film will bomb? No.

                Can it tell you how to release the film for likely maximum profits? Yes.

                Can it provide a range of outcomes based on history? Yes.

    At its very low price, it can pay for itself many times over on just its first use!

    And, it is re-usable and modifiable, providing exceptional returns over the years ahead.

      Predictor output has been reviewed in beta-test form by a major studio executive responsible for its internal revenue, cash, and profit planning forecasts.

                They evaluated it as "...far more comprehensive than the models used at the studio..."


    Terms and Conditions

    Predictor is available for a reasonable annual license fee, with unlimited users.

        On-site installation on your network or network workstations is included.

        1 year of maintenance and upgrades are included, as well as:

    Also included: 2 hours of training at your S. California site at no charge except for our travel/hotel expenses, if any.

        Customized user special features may be incorporated through DELTA MAX Entertainment Consulting Services, for a fee.

    Suggested Minimum System level: Pentium 200 MHz, 32 MB RAM, and 10 MB free disk space + Scenario space @ 1MB per scenario

        Your mother's PC can run it. Or, your son's gaming system. If it runs Excel, it will run Predictor.

    For more information, Contact us or call us at (949) 759-8529 and be prepared to discuss your needs:



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