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            Professional Golf Instruction




    Many of our clients enjoy the Great Game of Golf, and only wish they had more time for it, or could play it more competently.

    It is an effective Business Social Skill, particularly in the Eastern, Midwestern, and Southern States, where many business transactions and deals are discussed while enjoying a good game of Golf.

    Inherent in these occasions is the fact that you really can get a pretty good assessment of a potential business client, partner, or even competitor by observing how and how well he/she plays the Game.

    Golf seems to bring out the basic Person in each of us, with the person's ethical constructs and behavior prominently on display.

    For most executives, Golf is frustrating, because it seems to take a lot of time and practice to play at a competent level, usually considered as in the high-70's to low-80's.

    In truth, while practice can certainly improve one's game, some factors are present which inhibit its value:

What we do to improve your Golf Game

    First, we require you to define your Objective or Objectives in numeric and specific terms, just as you would in your business or personal life:

        "I want to be able to beat 80 once in a while on my home course," or

        "I want to be able to smash 300 yard drives on long Par 4's and 5's."

    We examine your present swing form personally and via video tape, to assess the possibility that your Objective can be achieved. 

    Obviously, if you are a 5 foot 1 inch female, 300 yard tee shots will probably (but, not necessarily!) not be a reasonable Objective for you.

        If your Objective (s) are physically obtainable, we customize and execute with you a series of training modules that will obtain your objectives for you.

        If they are not, we give you a frank assessment of what skill level we think you can obtain, and you then decide for yourself if you want to proceed.

        (We find, by the way, that most Golfers set their Objectives too low!)

    Once we agree on what's possible for you, we train you on the modules selected, and set up a practice regimen consistent with your life style.

        We personally assist you in all phases of the module and evaluate your progress.

        We guarantee that you will make steady progress toward your Objectives using our methods.

    You will score better, probably much better, if that is your goal.

    Or, you will hit longer, straighter tee shots, get out of sand traps with ridiculous ease, or be able to hit specialty shots, such as deliberate draws/fades, if any of these are your goals. 


FAQ's about our Instruction Process

What are "Objectives?"

     Most players want to improve their average Score, and assume that the best way to accomplish this is to improve their Swing techniques and perception.

    Some players just want to be accomplished Drivers, slamming long beautiful tee shots, to the envy of their friends.

    Others want to see the most improvement in the fastest possible time.

    These are all different Objectives, and all of these require different Training Strategies!

What are "Strategies?"

     DELTA MAX has organized its Golf Instruction into Strategies designed to obtain the Objectives you have set for your Golf Game.

    We call them by names associated with a basic Golf fundamental, such as "The 6-inch Fairway", "Rotate", "Lawrence", and "Pro-Side."

    Each of these Strategies addresses a specific part of the game which can be practiced exclusively by you in order for you to gain your golf Objective.

Do you work individually or in groups?

    Either way.

Do I/we come to you or do you come to me/us?

    Either way.

Who teaches the lessons?

    Robert Swanson, former Indiana State Amateur Champion and assistant pro, winner of many tournaments and golf excellence awards.

How much does this cost?

    Each of our individual Instruction Programs are customized.

    The price varies by number and type of Objectives, travel and living costs to and at your site, and the frequency of our Instruction sessions.

    Our Group Instruction Programs are more generalized, at a lower cost per participant, and a price will be quoted after discussion with you.

C'mon. Gimme a typical example!

    O.K., if you just want to improve your scoring, you can come to train with us in S. California:

    Spend one day, and return home, and it will cost you somewhat more than a day long set of lessons at your home course with your pro, and lots less than attending a Golf School at a famous Country Club.

    If you just want a few hours lessons, we can also price that option for you, but, your Objectives will have to be very limited and well-defined.

What do you mean, "Guarantee?"

    We guarantee you will be satisfied with the Training you have received.

    Your call.

    If not, we will either refund or not charge you for whatever part of your Training did not meet your expectations.

    Again, your call.

Why don't you guarantee that we will actually meet our Objectives?

    Actually, we'd really like to do that.

    In reality, you have to be diligent in executing our modules, and we can't guarantee your diligence, every day, no matter how you are feeling, etc.

    Still, if you can get your local Pro to guarantee your performance unconditionally, go for his/her program.

 Does it work?


If you would like to receive more information about this unique service, please fill out the information below, and we will contact you.

    There is no obligation of any kind, of course.


Problems with my game which I would like to address:

  Tee Shots

  Fairway Woods (2/3/4)

  Long Irons (2/3/4)

  Medium Irons (5/6/7)

  Short Irons (8/9/10/Wedge)

  Traps, Sand, and Hazard Play

  Putting and Putting Strategy, including "Reading" greens

  Chipping Strategies and Methods

  Special lie Play - Up/Down/Side Hill, Rough, Baked, Giggles

  Intentional Hooking and Slicing - Trouble Play

  High/Low Specialty Shots - Recovery Play

  "The 6-Inch Fairway"  (Between your ears)

  Driving Range Practice Strategy and Protocol

  Watching Pro Golf Tournaments and Learning Pro Strategies

  Other - describe below:

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