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    Our Products and Services involve High Technology as well as Content-driven Methodologies.

        These Methodologies augment the scope, and amplify the value, of DELTA MAX Products and Services.

    Click Below for brief Summaries of some of Our Key Products and Services with links to more details:  





   Business and Organization Needs Assessment Analysis

    If you are today facing complex directional, technological, organizational, or environmental challenges in your business or organization, DELTA MAX can help you define, structure, price, and staff the best strategic solutions to them.

    A Needs Assessment Analysis is a Comprehensive Study and Report from a custom major across the board study and evaluation of your company.

    Involving every divisional or business unit executive who are your direct reports.

    The deliverable results from an intensive, focused study of your needs as indicated by your top managers, and documents in great detail exactly how to achieve your goals and objectives.

    It provides your company with the Game Plan for successful design and development of CRM or other E-Commerce operations, for example.

    Or, your image, public relations, and advertising strategy. Or, your Sales Force and Marketing strategic planning, rollout, and tracking operations.

    If it involves a management strategic Plan, a Needs Assessment Analysis will not only provide you with that Plan, it will also save you many dollars of project implementation and benefit receipt time.

    Complex challenges require integrated and optimized plans for their effective solutions. 

    The Premiere Product of the DELTA MAX Consulting Services Division.

    Business Needs Assessment Analysis provides you with all the facts, conclusions, alternative options, justification, costs and commitments your company or organization needs for a successful business, content, or technology initiative.








    Professional Development Services

   DELTA MAX offers comprehensive Seminars, Sales and Software Training (See below) and Development Programs, and Guest Speakers for your ready and effective use.

      Their Focus: Improving the performance, morale and productivity of your organization's personnel and management.

    Our Professional Development Seminars have expanded rapidly in the past year.

    Seminars now include a wide variety of programs you can use to:

        Directly assist your marketing, sales, and customer/client outreach efforts,

        Educate and Train your important customer facing people, and

        Educate and Train your customers in new skills and techniques.

    Seminars are the most cost-effective and productive educational tools for your company or organization.

        Our Seminars are customized to your company and culture, and to your goals and objectives.










    Enterprise Technology Review


    The output "Deliverable," from a DELTA MAX Technology Review.

    This document normally contains:

        Problems found,

        Solution alternatives available,

        Recommended solutions,

        Costs estimates, and

        Project Implementation Plan.

    It is the formal solution Plan presented to top executives for decisions and actions.









    Sales Training for Professional Sales Executives

    The BEST Professional Sales Training available, complete with customized Seminar Agendas specifically for your company, and video-taped real account sales call simulations.

    This Seminar prepares your sales people for Top Executive selling, using the most modern Customer-Centric Sales Methodologies, including Emotional Intelligence and Strategic Planning.

   It can also be configured for:

        Basic or Advanced Sales Training

        Calls on customer middle executives and purchasing managers, and

        With or without Videorecorded laboratory exercises.

    In all the world, in all disciplines and fields, there is ALWAYS one BEST.

        In the field of Executive Level Sales Training, this Program is it.









    Sales Force Management Training

    Managers benefit from condensed and specific training which distributes inventoried management skills and proven techniques.

        Your managers want, need, and deserve formal training in management skills in order to be at their most effective capability level.

    Management is a different job than selling, as many sales people have found out woefully.

        Promoting star sales people to management without effective preparation prepares them only for disaster and disillusionment.

        They often quit, and you have lost two good people at once.

    We can help your managers, new or experienced, to obtain and maintain effective management skills and perspective.

        With comprehensive and current sales management topical and methodological reviews in the main areas of their jobs.

        This will greatly assist them, in turn to do a much better job of management.

    Your business cannot make a more important investment in your future than assisting your managers to grow.

        Their new skills and training will help them be more confident and better leaders.









    Software Training & Productivity Planning


    A highly sophisticated, detailed, estimate of the productivity impact of training on the user workstation community.

         Provides both a guide and Action Plan for top management.

    With this Planning Tool, you can improve your people's productivity with their buy-in.

        At very low cost, optimized for your organizational needs.

    This Software Productivity Training Report is contained within a Technology Review.











    Project Plan

    A Project Plan is the output, "Deliverable," from a DELTA MAX network project strategy analysis, or  Technology Review.

    It shows tasks, time-lines, plus your responsibilities, costs, and sequences.

    The project may be:

        A CRM Initiative,

        A Marketing and/or Supply Channel Rollout,

        A Motion Picture or Television Production,

        A Professional Development Training Program, or

        Any other sequence of tasks benefiting from management and control.

    Project Plans are a high-powered computer assisted control tool, of great value to Executives.

    We use them and we believe you should, too.








    Corporate Presence or CRM Web-Based Site or Program

    The final delivered product of a Web Site Design project.

    Based on your goals and objectives, this Front End Image and Engine of your organization is state-of-the-art in look and feel.

        Your cost to provide back-end business functions is reduced.

        Your entire organization has a new and attractive performance profile to offer both your customers/clients and your suppliers.

    Five years ago, nobody had a web-site, and CRM was equivalent to a Contact Manager program.

        Today, everybody has a web-site, most of them mediocre at best.

    And, CRM is absolutely necessary for assessing, contacting, managing, and selling your account base.

    DELTA MAX is an innovative leader in both the planning of CRM installations and Web-based implementations.








Film Revenue Predictor


    This highly automated Visual Basic system calculates alternative revenue and profit scenarios for film projects.

    Designed to Assist:

     Feature Film and TV Producers,

     Production Companies, and

     Studios who need accurate revenue and cash forecasting, as well as detailed financial scenarios.

    Use our algorithms to determine feature film revenue predictions, easily, and at light speed.

    These predictions can help you budget.

    And, prepare for proper marketing at each of the film lifecycle steps and nodes.

    Extensive "What if....?" analysis options are available.


                    Contact Us for further information about any of our Products or Services.


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