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    What are Project Models as Used By Sales People?

    Why Are They Powerful Sales Tools?


    What Do Sales Project Models Actually Accomplish That A Good Sales Proposal Doesn't?

    Why Don’t Most High Tech Sales People Use Them?

    Benefits of Preparing and Using Project Models to Sell

    Project Modeling Sales Seminar

    What You Will Get From This Seminar  











    What Do Sales Project Models Actually Accomplish That A Good Sales Proposal Fails To Provide?     Project Models:

   Define the Entire Project to the Customer, including all variables and schedules , not just your part it it.

    • Predict the Economic Outcome of the Project using the most current knowledge

    • Can be changed easily with the changing Parameters of the project

    • Translate Schedules Assigned and Resources Allocated into Decision Matrices

    • Integrate Funds and People Resources, with Time and Schedule Restraints

    • Can be extremely effective and rigorous in Pricing Complex Proposals

    • Provide a Communications Vehicle for Proposal and Configuration Options

    • Provide a Communications Vehicle for Provider and Customer Project Management

    • Provide a Congruent Provider Management Tool for Sales Programs

    • Provide a Consistent Pricing Model and Strategy for all Provider Projects

    • Bridge between Provider Project and Customer Oversight Management

    Now, that is a lot of information horsepower, most of which is not being utilized by today’s Solution Providers.



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 Benefits of Sales People Preparing and Using Project Models to Sell

    Most Technology Solution Providers use some form of Methodology to Define and Manage Projects.

        This Methodology is extremely helpful in engineers tracking project schedules and controlling resources in complex projects with interacting sub-projects.

            But, guess what? Project Management Software and Models are also extremely useful as SALES TOOLS!

    Can Sales Representatives generate all proposals using Project Models for time and funds and people allocations and strategies?   They can.

    What if a Project Model's output could directly be input to a standardized pricing program or strategy?

        So that changes to the project schedule or team can result in an accurate price quote change?    It can.      Easily.

    Suppose the customer wants to change, re-arrange, or re-evaluate any part of a project strategy in considering a proposal...

        Is there a Methodology that allows Sales Representatives to discuss these with the customer interactively?      There is.

    Suppose the customer wishes to split the Project into parts, with solution providers bidding on each.

        Can Project Models accommodate this without sacrificing the solution provider advantages? You bet.

    Can the Project Model provide a historical basis for knowledge adjustment and an inventory of Methodology for the future?   Sure can. Some of its BEST uses.

    Can the Project Model provide a basis for detailed proposal review by management and engineering prior to client submission and commitment by all? 

You got it.  Prevents disasters.

    The Bad News for Sales People using Project Models to Sell?

        There isn't any.

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 What Are Sales Project Models?

     Sales Project Models are proposal-oriented mini-project plans.

    They can be:

        General or highly-specific,

        High-level or detailed,

        Conceptually simple or extremely complex.

    Most importantly, to a Solution Technology Provider, they are the most complete description of what exactly you are proposing to your customers.

    Not scalars, or one set of linear parameters, but multi-dimension vectors with Options, Breakpoints, Time, Money, and People parameters.

        Project Models describe in executive level detail the work you will be doing for your customer.

    For those and many more reasons, Project Models represent a Selling Methodology whose time has come. Now, the questions are:

    How and where can you obtain the knowledge of Sales Project Modeling?

    How and where can you train your Sales Representatives to use it effectively?

DELTA MAX offers a Sales Seminar on the preparation and use of Project Models in selling.

        It is one of a Series of Seminars designed for Advanced Sales Training for Technology Product and Services sales and account Managers.


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 Why Are They Powerful Sales Tools?

     Project Models have an outstanding ability to communicate a message, as well as compare various allocations of time, money, and people resources.

    They are ideal for showing a customer in detail or just in concept:

        What you will be doing,

        Who is doing it,

        How long it will take, and

        How much it will cost.

    Better yet, when they are interactive, they form a “team” atmosphere environment between technology solution provider and customer/client executive.

        The solution is developed by inputs and adjustments from both the users and the providers, in real time.

    In advanced solution provider companies, Project Model Templates exist and are being created constantly.

        These describe the process and operations of implementing various kinds of technology.

    Many of the steps or tasks of a Lotus Notes development or deployment, for example, are virtually unchanged from one customer to the next.

        The sales people in these firms can engage an inventory of past projects, and use the knowledge already present in the company as a jumping off point.

    Not only is this very efficient from a company solution provider productivity perspective, it is also very impressive to prospective customer/clients.

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Why Don’t Most High Tech Sales People Use Them?

    That’s easy: just as with Financial Models, they don’t know how.

        Either to develop them or use them to sell.

    Most sales people think and feel that Project Models are for Engineers to use in executing on a Project, not for Sales people to use in designing and proposing a Project.

    There is also a perspective among sales people that Project Models are difficult to build and manage.

        Neither assumption is true, and worse, the opposite is true.

    Models are excellent sales tools, and relatively easy to build and manage.

    As one example, DELTA MAX creates a Project Model for all its engagements as a first step.

        This Model is the prime input to our pricing and estimating for every project we do.

    Our experience in doing this has convinced us of the tremendous capability of this technology to help us to:

        Price accurately,

        Predict schedules with confidence, and

        Sell business.

    If you are not using Sales Project Models to Sell, particularly to CEO's, you should be.

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 DELTA MAX Project Modeling Sales Seminar

This Seminar provides the Technology or other High Ticket Sales professional, with :

        The Background,


        Expertise and

        Practice of generating and presenting Sales Proposals using Project Models.

    Through use of existing model Templates from past engagements or designing brand new engagements, or both, the Seminar:

                guides the sales person through the process of generating high-powered selling scenarios with Models. 

    Available either:

        As a separate stand-alone Seminar or


        As an adjunct training module to our popular “Customer Centric Selling” Seminar Series, or

        In combination with our “Preparing and Presenting Great Sales Proposals” Seminar, or

        As an adjunct to our “Using Financial Models to Sell” Sales Seminar,

                the Benefits of this Seminar can serve to complete the education and training of a great technology product and/or services sales representative.

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What You Will Get From This DELTA MAX Seminar   

    After attending this Seminar, you will

        Find that your Project modeling skills will have been enhanced to the point of using models effectively in virtually every sales situation.

        Have the comments and support of an audience and an experienced instructor who have seen you in action.

        Have your own videorecorded presentation which you can review often to further improve your skills.

    In short, you will have acquired a powerful skill which will help you generate more sales and profits.


    For more information, Contact DELTA MAX  for Seminar Schedules and Costs information.





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