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CEO Centric Sales Training Overview






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    "Top sales producers spend approximately two weeks per year in training." - Sales Training International

    "Sales people completing a selling skills intensive training program show increases in productivity ranging from 35% to 1665%.

    "Yet an estimated 70% of companies provide no selling skills development at all." - ASTD, Annual Research Report

    Ask yourself these questions vis a vis your Sales Team:   

    "How much REAL Sales Training have our Sales People ever had?"

    "How is REAL Sales Training better than what we have now?"

    "Where are the customer's decisions ACTUALLY being made in their Organizations?"

    "Are our bid opportunities being influenced and designed by our Competitors, and not us?"                                                       

    "Should our sales people continue selling as they are now? Or change their strategy and focus?"

    "What are your Sales and Sales Management Training Programs Topics and Agendas?"

    "What are your Advanced Sales and General Management Training Programs Topics and Agendas?

    "How about companies selling Services and not Products?"

    "We are a small company, with just a few sales people. Why should we spend the time and money to train our people?

    "We are not in the Information Technology Industry. Does any of this apply to OUR company?"

    "What are the Current Training Schedule Dates?"

    "How much does this kind of Seminar cost?"                                                                                           











    DELTA MAX Training Seminar Philosophy and Orientation

         Your Sales people have likely had very little actual Sales Training, per se.

                Your Vendors' training teaches them how to sell product features, but, not to execute the Selling Process itself.

          They may have enrolled in classes on how to use scripted call sheets to contact top executives. Or, technology-based Seminars on "How to Sell IT Solutions to IT".

        Yet their numbers STILL haven't improved much, if any. (Do you know why that is? We likely do.)

        They likely never have  been exposed to some of the high-powered new Behaviorally-Focused Sales Communication Techniques, with Little to No:

            Rigorous, immersive, monitored and evaluated Sales Training.

            Instruction and practice in understanding the Customer Centric Buying Decision Process and ways to both motivate and influence favorable decisions.

            Exposure to the nature of the Customer Executive Relationship, and why it is so important to successful sales programs.

            Business problem solving strategy and exploratory techniques training.

            Direction and live Process Training on why and how they should be Selling at the Top of your client's company or organization.

        Do you want them to be prepared to discover, propose and make large sales, at the Top of your client? If so, Click here to get more information.






REAL Sales Training is Different from Product Pushing, Smooth Talking, and Slick Presentations   

    Very few of today's computer salespeople have been immersed in a REAL Sales Training Seminar and Workshop, employing the latest concepts and methods.

        Mastering the art and science of Professional Selling in today's highly competitive marketing arena.

            Taught not only by Top Instructors, but by Top Professional Salespeople who are the Instructors.

    Reviewing the best of the traditional selling methodologies and techniques, yet:

        Energizing the high-powered new techniques such as Emotional Intelligence Monitoring.

        Choreographing the CEO or President Sales Call Process, a completely new and different Sales Mindset.

    Employing a DELTA MAX exclusive, Video Recorded (DVD) Simulated REAL Sales Calls on REAL Live Sales Situations, allowing:

        "Dry running" a current sales situation call and proposal presentation

        Evaluation by the Instructor, peers and management of the Call and suggestions for improvement

        Sales people, finally, to SEE themselves in action and work to improve their own capabilities.

    REAL sales training is a Quantum Leap in Performance Boosting over the training your sales people have had up to now.






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    Where in their Organizations are Your Customers Making their Decisions?

      An IT sales person traditionally tries to sell technology products to IT Departments, not Top Execs or Bus Unit VP's.

        Result: most IT sales people are oriented towards peddling product features; not towards solving customer problems.

        They prefer, in most cases, to talk to other technically-oriented professionals, and not to top-level business managers.

     Yet, it is at the top of your customer where the key decisions are made, and based on business, not technical factors.

        Where projects originate and are discussed and defined into the spec that the IT Director eventually sees.

        The IT Director by design and personal interest offers projects not only to you, but also your competitors, to bid on.  Attempting to go with "safe" names, not get best Value.

        Tech Executives sometimes view a small company as merely an afterthought, not a valued supplier, as does Dilbert's boss .... 

        Plus, you often see the project spec and requirements when the decision process is already way down the long sales food chain. Way, way down.

            After the most important project decisions have already been made, After your competition may have helped define the problem and write the bid specs of the solution.

        Those decisions are often based solely on your vendor's product specs and prices, not YOUR COMPANY'S CAPABILITIES.

    Is that how you want your sales people to be directing your Sales Programs and Process? Of course not.

    There is a better way. A more profitable, higher margin, and even much more FUN way to sell technology and services... Click button up there to discover...



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    "Are our bid opportunities being influenced and designed by our Competitors, and not us?"

        Do your sales people typically today find themselves arguing your vendor's product features against the other vendor's specs?

            Instead of using your company unique expertise to solve the actual business problems themselves?

            If your vendor has the best product fit with the unknown client needs at the lowest price, you'll probably win. If not, you won't.

        What do you think your odds are of winning, if you were not the one identifying the client needs? Low or Zero? Right...

            And the customer doesn't win either, as the potentially best business solution may well have never been considered.

            You usually find yourself arguing about Price. Even if you do win, you get the deal at margins your competitors don't want to endure. Or, impossible T&C.

            To do a job your competitors defined, scoped, and sold, conceptually.

        You have ended up just peddling products, not helping your customers actually solve their problems.

        Well, there's GOOD NEWS....

        Your sales people can learn How to Sell Professionally at the Top of your Customer's Organization.

            We know how, because we've done it over and over again. And, we can show your people how to do it, too.

        We've already trained many thousands of IT/high tech sales people to do it, and we can train yours, too.





    "Should our sales people continue selling as they are now? Or change their strategy and focus?"

        Changing a company's Sales Process, Strategy and Focus is a frightening endeavor for many companies.

            After all, the company has had some success in the past, using a Business Model designed for the past environment.

        Remember when EVERYBODY wanted a Client-Server network installed? To run printers and move files around?

        Is your Business Model STILL oriented to that environment? Do you focus on "Core Competencies"?

        If so, you may be like the Army Generals who are always preparing to fight the last war. For example:

            The main "Core Competencies" you use today, did not exist in the main stream 3 years ago.

            Most of your next 3 years' business will come from Competencies you are not even considering today.

            If those Competencies are Hardware based, get ready for a continually, downward spiraling of Sales Margins.

            If those Competencies are Services based, get ready for a dynamic and rapid Sales Margin growth rate.

        But, you must prepare your Sales People to be able to Solve Problems, first and foremost;

        It's a Mindset and a Sales Process Adjustment for most Sales People; it's not obvious to people who push boxes or services, that this is the wrong approach to large sales.

            We have helped thousands of computer sales people to make this adjustment "from box or service pushing", and we can help yours, too.






"We are a small company, with just a few sales people. Why should we spend the time and money to train our people?

       Small companies have many distinct sales advantages over large ones, only some of which are:

            From the customer/client's point of view, there is much easier access to your company's executives.

            A small company values a key client/customer more highly than a large one does, and can easily implement client specific policies and benefits.

            Small companies can tailor product and service programs to an important client/customer much more easily than can large companies.

            A small company President can often obtain a meeting with a large client/customer President

            Small companies are very active in their local communities, and often have a much larger public presence there.

        Training your sales people to sell to Top Executives using your distinct advantages is vital to your success.

        The resulting sales and profit increases almost always easily justify the low cost investment in customized, targeted sales training from DELTA MAX.











"We are Not Involved in the Technology or IT Industries. Does any of this apply to OUR Company?"

   Sure does. In fact, some of the biggest sales revenues gains we've seen come from outside the IT companies!

            Why? ALL good sales training rests on strong fundamentals and techniques which apply in ANY industry. Yours, for example.

    DELTA MAX Seminars further incorporate and review those fundamentals and techniques as appropriate to YOUR industry.

            Even the most Professional Sales People in ANY industry forget and/or don't employ the fundamentals well or often enough.

    How can you tell if your Sales Force would benefit from our Training Seminars? It DOES, if Your:

    If you have any of the above characteristics in your Sales Force or Process, we can very likely help. 

        A lot. And, our results prove it. Click here to get more information.




    Sales and Sales Management Training Seminar Programs:                              

  Each of these Seminar Programs has been designed to be the best of its kind in the world.

    Each Seminar Program is Unconditionally Guaranteed to your satisfaction.

    Click on the above to investigate, or Contact Us directly to describe your situational need.

    Current Schedule Status, Click Here.



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    Advanced Sales Force and General Management Training Programs

        DELTA MAX offers 2 Programs, for Front Line Sales Managers and Advanced Sales and General Management Topics and Issues.

            If you promote/hire a Sales Manager with no formal training as a Manager, you are inviting disaster and morale problems within your Sales force.

                         Why? Because the Sales Management functions are far different in both organizational operations and role than that of a sales person.

            Without an underlying good basis of management technique and theory, almost new managers and even some experienced managers fail.

            The Delta Max Sales Management Seminars are rapid, immersive, convenient, and low cost.

            Your sales managers of first and upper levels learn the latest techniques of effective sales management in today's complex and changing environment.

                These unique and valuable Seminars are offered at very reasonable prices, and in a wide variety of class configurations.

                They are custom designed for your sales force management issues and people. By successful Sales People and Managers.

            For about the cost of teaching your sales pros basic Excel or Word, you can immerse them in the finest sales training in the world.

    Contact us to discuss your situation or click here for more information.






Sales Training Programs
Sales Training Programs



     Services Companies Sales Training

        Selling Services requires a different and more customer focused sales approach and concept. (We know, that's our business.)

         Unlike a tangible Product with Features and Benefits to pitch, Services companies are offering intangibles, with an associated experience and a continuing relationship.

             Actually, it's a perfect environment for our Customer Executive Centric Sales and Lab Training Seminars.

                 The entire Sales approach and call is very different, and requires not only more savvy sales people, but also different training.

             Our customized Sales Training Seminars start first with your Sales Process, which we will need to understand thoroughly.

                 Together, we will zero in on your sales force capabilities and issues, and design a comprehensive, focused, Seminar to addresses both.

    Services sales are the wave of the future.

    We can help you make your sales team the best in your industry.

     Contact us to discuss your situation or click here for more information.








    Current Schedule Status and Costs

            Contact DELTA MAX for a confidential, no cost consultation on your particular situation, as these programs are all very popular and 2012 time slots are filling up fast.

       Our programs include significant advance planning discussions so we will understand your specific needs and deliver the highest quality Seminar experience for you.

            Our unique Sales Call Video-recording Laboratory invariably gets rave reviews by both client managers and sales force attendee folks.

       DELTA MAX Sales Seminars are priced much lower than your perhaps more familiar competitors, and provide more immediate Benefits and Value to boot.

            They charge at least $1600 per seat, often much more, for a publicly-advertised 3 day commercial Seminar, held with lots of other sales folks, maybe even competitors.

            So, your cost is dependent on the # of your attendees, no company business can be accomplished at the meeting, and all activities are generic, industry independent.

       Our fees are based on a fixed price per Seminar, which is independent of the number of trainees, and therefore usually much lower in cost per seat.

            Further, your folks must travel to them, on their schedule, at their chosen locations. We come to you, saving you money, employee hassle and travel issues.

       We video-record live sales calls on your own real sales situations, oriented to your industry and its culture. They run generic sales calls on canned sales situations.

            Our track record includes references from CEO's at companies you've actually heard of, and entire sales forces of some of the biggest companies you know.

    The Net of all this is a very high quality Sales Seminar at very reasonable fees, producing immediate and lasting performance and sales results.       








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