Six Sigma Analysis and Methodology Consulting



   Six Sigma....                                                                                                                            


            The process of finding the optimal quality and lowest cost parameters in any process....


            Pioneered by General Electric and sponsored by CEO Jack Welch within their company...


            Used by hundreds of successful companies and organizations...

    DELTA MAX can help you with the determination of relevance and establishment of Six Sigma Processes at your company.

        Together, we can bring this powerful discipline to bear on a variety of your current bottleneck processes and cost generation points.

        Together, we can improve the performance of your business or organization.

    Please contact us to discuss the reasons you are interested in Six Sigma.

        We don't just apply some du jour Methodology variant ala the Harvard Business Flavor of the Month.

        First, we arrive diligently at the conclusion that a Six Sigma Methodology option is appropriate for your business challenge or concern.

        If it is, then, together we will make it work for you.

    And the results can be spectacular.



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