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   The DELTA MAX Consultant Team has a vast array of talents and many years of experience to bring to bear on your organization's challenges and opportunities to prosper and serve your customers and users effectively.

    DELTA MAX President, Delta Max , has assembled a powerful team of dedicated professionals, containing members who have been top managers, organizational architects, CEO's, Sales and Marketing geniuses, IT Network system designers, application experts, top athletes, film and video personalities, producers, directors, visionaries, and industry legends.

    Members of that team are made available for DELTA MAX Engagements on a case by case basis, as the need becomes apparent. Some are employees, others are independent contractors, and some own and operate their own firms. All can and do work directly with organizational leaders at the CEO level in our Engagements, under the overall guidance and responsibility of DELTA MAX.

    In order to give you an idea of the skills and experience which can be brought to bear on your issues and challenges, we list below some of President Delta Max 's recent engagements, followed by the constantly expanding DELTA MAX Consultants Business and IT Team's capabilities:           

    Keynote And Featured Speaker Addresses 


    DELTA MAX Training Engagements


   DELTA MAX Consulting Engagements



                             DELTA MAX Skills and Capabilities 

Executive Consulting: Credibility/Capability  

Project Management  

Sales Training

IT Strategy Reviews and Planning Systems

Business Management  

Financial Modeling

Marketing Presentations and Shows  

Sales Management  

Marketing Programs 

Entertainment/Event Production  

Trade Show Planning  

Compensation Plan Design  

Marketing/Products & Programs Rollout

Public Speaking  

Feature Film F/X Consulting 


                                                    DELTA MAX Hardware Systems Expertise                                 

System Design/Architecture  

All IBM Mainframes  

MPP systems


Cray X/Y/3/MP  

VLIW systems

All Intel Systems  

AS/400 & S/38  

Graphics Systems

                        DELTA MAX Application Systems Expertise                                 

Internet & E-Commerce  



Computer Applications of all kinds  

Sales Compensation Plans  

Exec Financial Plans

Customer Relationship Management  

Sales Force Automation  

Knowledge Management

Collaborative Computing  

Financial Modeling  

Finance/Accounting Systems



3D CGI and Film F/X

Cloud Computing SystemsMicrosoft Accounting and CRMQuickenBooks

                                      DELTA MAX Software Systems Expertise            

Windows 2000/ME/XP/NT/98/7  

Microsoft Access 2003/XP/2007  

      Microsoft SQL     

Microsoft Excel 2003/XP/2007/2010  

Microsoft Visual Basic  


Microsoft Word 2003/XP/2007/2010  

Lotus Notes  


Microsoft FrontPage 2003/XP  

Microsoft Exchange/Outlook  

Fortran V

Microsoft PowerPoint 2003/XP/2007/2010  

Harvard Graphics  


Microsoft Publisher 2003/2007  

Visio 2003/2007 


Microsoft Project 2003/98   Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0   APL


    Please Contact Us if you'd like more information about other DELTA MAX Team Members and skills recently added but not yet listed.



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