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    The average person in an organization uses only about 10% or so of the power of the software tools they already have!

        IF you could improve that usage by only 10% more, you could be doubling the productivity of the employee,

            Without having to acquire either new employees or new software. Noble idea? You bet. We can help.

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Software Training Programs



Software Training Strategy

    Our training seminars, like virtually everything we do, are customized to our client's needs.

    Typically, we will interview key client personnel to determine exactly what level (Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, Guru) of training is needed in any of the above software systems.

     We then ask your potential students to indicate on a survey which features of the software system they want to learn.

    Then we customize the course offering to your exact needs, and design the class configuration (size, number, session time, site considerations, location, etc.)

    When we have compiled that profile of your training needs, we design custom classes specifically for your students.

    These range from overviews to intensive and rigorous in-depth training experiences.

       Result 1: Your people get exactly the training they need. And, want.

            Result 2: Your training budget goes farther, does more, than it ever has before.

       Result 3: Your business efficiency improves, and productivity increases.





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Key Benefits of Using DELTA MAX Training Services

    Our programs have specific Benefits which Focus on key issues for your organization:

         As a result, your people's capabilities and confidence in using software is improved.

        Their value and productivity for your company is greatly enhanced, with very low investment.




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 DELTA MAX Training Capabilities

     Our trainers have extensive experience and qualifications in the systems they teach.

         They use these systems every day, often in an advanced fashion.

         They attend regular update sessions by the manufacturers.

         The manufacturers often ask them to demo their product's newest release versions.

         Trainers are chosen for expertise, knowledge, currency, presentation skills, and sense of humor.

     Our classes are fun! When students enjoy class, their learning experience and skill is maximized.


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