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      Executives are required as a key part of their jobs to not only address groups, but, to do so with great skill, leadership, and conviction.

    This is an extremely important Function of the Executive, and remains so today due to the new advances in technology which augment and support presentations to mass audiences.

    An  Executive Speech is virtually the norm of today's motivational communications in business and government .

    Yet, an otherwise outstanding executive with vision and intelligence can appear, when addressing a crowd or group, to be of much less presence and leadership.

         MERELY due to his/her lack of knowledge, practice, and skills in Presentations of high quality and professionalism.

    We've all seen the business leader of great renown look anything but that when dealing with the media in-spotlighted, high pressure situations.

    The Nixon-Kennedy Television Debate of 1960 was an early great example of that scenario: Nixon won the debate, according to the radio listeners, but lost it according to the television viewers.

    ALL of today's Presidential candidates not only rehearse their presentations, but employ Personal Coaches and Teams to give themselves the best possible opportunity to:

    DELTA MAX can help you not only cope with these high-pressure situations, but also to become a much better and more skilled creator of an "Executive Presence".

    In front of a group of virtually any kind, and even if you are pretty good at doing so today.

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    DELTA MAX offers this Coaching Service as a separate program, customized to your own individual skill sets and needs.

    DELTA MAX' largest source of Speech Coaching Program Engagements come from Executives who have witnessed one of our Presentations.




    Our Customized Speech Coaching Programs feature:

    DELTA MAX' Goal is to END any need for a Coach in the first place.

        We work hard to get you out there, functioning and feeling great, and not dependent on us for continual help.



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      4. Our Programs are 100% Guaranteed to improve your Skills and Performance.

It doesn't have to cost you more to get the best, with DELTA MAX.







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