DELTA MAX's has had over 40 years of experience with Virtualization and Virtualization Systems and Business issues, including:

    DELTA MAX understands the Advantages, Limitations and Strategic Envelope around which Virtual Systems, today's hottest technology, revolve.

    This new technology brings with it much more than simple server consolidation and short term advantages of improved hardware utilization.

        There are entire new classes of Issues, Challenges, and Concerns which need to be addressed.

        Entirely new Issues and Challenges with Security, Application Development, and System Management of a Virtualized Environment

        Merely blindly applying existing Best Practices from decades ago to a Virtualized Environment is not only not cost-effective, it is downright dangerous.

    We offer comprehensive Virtualization Consultation Services to End Users, Solution Providers, and Hardware/Software Vendors.


        The hype and mystique of Virtualization can cause ramped up expectations and a badly designed marketing and/or implementation Strategy.

    Virtualization at today's server, storage, switch and workstation levels require a new level of marketing and implementation expertise.

    If you have a Virtualization Issue, Challenge, or Concern, give us a call to access some of the most advanced and high powered technical and marketing expertise out there.

    Contact Us and let's discuss your situation.









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