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  We are often asked the following Questions:

  1.     What do you mean by "Convergence?"     

  2.     Why is "Convergence" such an Important Strategic Concept Today?

  3.     Where can I find more Information about your Products and Services?

  4.     How much do you Charge for your Products and Services?

  5.     How can I find out about Job Opportunities with DELTA MAX?



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1. What do you mean by "Convergence?"

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    Convergence is a topic heavily discussed in the computer trade literature, as well as on line, and in newspaper and magazine articles.

    As with many new ideas, the definition of the term "Convergence" will vary with the author of the article.        

    Basically, convergence is any or all of the following:

    To find out more about Convergence, use the Search function of your browser.

    It's a big and important subject, so be prepared to spend some time with it.

    At DELTA MAX, we spend all our time with it.






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2. Why is "Convergence" such an Important Strategic concept Today?

   Convergence involves creation of something new.

    This newly created process, technology, or industry will not necessarily behave in a similar fashion to any one of its predecessor technologies or industries.

    Even more, it will likely have characteristics that none of its predecessors or industries possess. Thus, it usually involves new paradigms of thinking. 

    A simple example: Interactive Movies in theatres, where viewers choose which outcome of several that they would like to see presented on the screen ("Clue", for example.) The movie experience here is entirely different than a normal feature film. Audiences are polled electronically from their seats, and the majority rule. Only a limited number of outcomes are available for choice. Thus, Interactive Movies are neither Movies or Interactive in toto.

    Another obvious illustration is the television and computer convergence. Where today's computers stop and television monitors begin is no longer at an easily defined border. In the near future, every room in your home will have monitors on the walls, accessible and changeable at your whim as you navigate your home. One moment, a picture of Aunt Mary, the next, an Angel baseball game, then a web browser screen, or all at once.

    You will speak normally, and command the wall screen to show what you wish to see. Or, as in the film "Minority Report", each wall monitor will read you via your eyes or other physical gestalt, and profile itself to your wishes, switching from those of your wife who was 5 seconds ahead of you down the hall. The possibilities are boundless, and the issues immense.

    What this illustrates is significant: merely combining successful technologies into new products or user services does not guarantee user satisfaction and business success automatically. The resulting new Convergent technology has characteristics which need to be designed into the product to produce user acceptance. Some combinations will work, but, most won't.

     Most new computer applications and or technologies, particularly those involving business processes on the Internet, multi-media, and remote computing, are heavily dependent upon effective Convergence for their success. 

    DELTA MAX provides guidance for companies entering into Convergent activities or business processes.

    When you apply computer technology to a business or administrative process, you create a Convergence, and we can help you create a successful one.


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3. Where can I find out More Information about your Products and Services?

   Click Here and fill out a brief (Yes, really!) form.

    That will E-mail it to us, and we will get back to you promptly.

    Yes, promptly!

    That's the way we do things.










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4. How Much do you Charge for your Products and Services?

   Most of our Products and all of our Services are custom designed directly for your particular need, and are not "Off the shelf"

        Service prices are based on the Time to design and deliver the specific solution to that problem, issue, or need.

        We also offer fixed fee arrangements: we assume all risk for project completion dates at a Negotiated Cost.

    As a third option for you, we offer Retainer Arrangements which are based on an expanded relationship with us.

        Our Products and Services are very competitively priced.

        We are often told they are vastly superior in quality and design.

            We like to hear that.






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5. How can I find out about Job Opportunities with Delta Max?

Opportunities Within Our Consulting Operations

    We are a concentrated group of highly talented and dedicated professionals, with extensive experience in solving complex client problems. Virtually every problem we see, nobody has ever seen it or solved it before. This is indeed a fun and challenging environment, and every day is different. We enjoy our work and our customer relationships immensely. We are always interested in the "Superman" or "Wonder Woman", who can leap tall buildings in a single bound. Or even if it takes a running start and more than one bound. Note: If you are just above average, you will not make it here.

    If your background fits our profile, send us your resume and a letter to our corporate mailing address, or in MS Word document format attached to an E-Mail message. We get a lot of resumes, so we can't guarantee to answer each one, unfortunately. If we do feel there is a match, we will respond very quickly.

    We really do appreciate your interest! If you don't qualify the first time, check back in a few months. We are growing very rapidly, and things may well have changed by that time. Our requirement for top quality in our people won't change.

Actor/Actress/Talent Opportunities

        Our feature and video content productions require outstanding talent and dedicated professionals. If you qualify, please send your Headshot and resume to our corporate mailing address, with a letter indicating your interest.

    We are always interested in new faces, but, please! serious Professionals only.

    If we have a current Feature or Video project for which you may be appropriate, we will contact you. Note: Competition for these roles is intense.

   Sorry, but, we are not Talent Agents, nor Personal Managers, and so do not maintain extensive Talent files. We suggest you put your Headshot and/or demo reel on a personal web page, and include the site address in your letter.


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